Congress Back in Session with a Busy September

Congress Back in Session with a Busy September

Congress has returned from August recess with a growing list of issues needing resolutions. By the end of September, Congress needs to pass a year of government funding, and extend various federal programs such as CHIP and the National Flood Insurance Program. With the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, Members of Congress are also hoping to agree on aid for the impacted areas in the very near future. Given both the depth and the breadth of issues Congress must address in this month, Congress is expected to pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the government for an extended period of time until a full budget agreement can be found between Congress and the President.

Here is a primer on the biggest issues Congress aims to tackle in this very busy month.

President Trump began the month by striking a deal with Congressional Democrats for a short-term debt ceiling increase. This deal could set the tone for a productive September in a Congress that requires bipartisan support for most initiatives to succeed.

With Congress failing to pass the repeal of the Affordable Care Act this summer, Republicans and Democrats are working together this fall in reform efforts.

The Graham-Cassidy Bill has picked up a lot of steam as September 30 gets closer. The New York Times has a breakdown of the various aspects of the states-focused health bill. The Senate is working quickly to push this effort as the parliamentarian ruled the Senate has until September 30 to pass a healthcare bill with a just a simple majority.